Blogging 101: Dress Up Your Sidebar–OK, here is something for you!

I’m late again. Friday’s assignment: add and/or customize two widgets, one text-based and one image-based. — they give us the weekend off with the option to play with the widgets some more. I’ll use the weekend to follow up on overdue posts. I hope Sunday I’ll get around to posting about my cat. If not, in October. Blogging 101 will have ended by then, sadly, it’s great fun, very enlightening and very inspiring.

I’ve played with widgets already. But! I finally added my treasured ‘Lovely Blog Award’ to the sidebar which the wonderful C-Dog & Company gave to me last month. If you haven’t visited that blog yet, please do so, and read inspiring, amusing, touching, happy, sad, and always thoughtful lovelyawardand thought-provoking stories about pets and people.

I didn’t pass on the award immediately, since I’m still new to the blogosphere and felt shy (don’t all these people with all these fabulous blogs have the award already, what if they don’t want it, what if…)–but Blogging 101 helped me get more bold when contacting all you friendly strangers out there. When I started this blog, I didn’t really think anyone would be interested in my jumbled ramblings, that I’d mostly talk to myself and maybe, some day, find a reader or two. I’m surprised and delighted to see how friendly and welcoming the part of the sphere is that I’ve encountered so far. Blogging 101 has opened up so many venues. It makes me see that many others struggle for words, about what to say, but feel the need to say something–just as I do. And so I don’t feel so shy any longer, because, if you’re at least a bit like me, you love comments from, and interaction with, other bloggers. And so I give out the award I got from C-Dog & Company and hope that it brings you as much joy as it did, me. If you got it already, just pass it on to a newbie blogger you like.Here are my awardees (whose themes mirror the multitude of interests that prevent me from focussing, and mastering, one specific topic):

So, if you like, grab the image and pass the award on. I’ve tried to find the origin, or rules, but found nothing. Either it’s 15 nominees and 15 details about your life, or seven, or ten… I chose to follow C-Dog & Company‘s example with ten nominations and seven things about myself, which is what you should do, too, if you chose to play the game.

  1. I don’t have a TV — and I don’t miss it. When I want to see something, I see it via internet.
  2. Donald Duck is my alter ego. His temper and mine match. I’m not continuously unemployed, though. Nor do I have a rich uncle.
  3. I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t love nature.
  4. I cook the food for my dog. The recipe is from Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats.
  5. I can knit socks.
  6. I hate food waste.
  7. I hate sports, can’t do sports, am clumsy, but do a simple form of yoga ever since I’ve been sixteen. I always get back aches and other minor aches in check by doing that regularly (and suffer when I get too lazy). However, after all these years, I still can’t sit in Lotus position. Once upon a time, I did manage a head stand. These days I’m glad if I get my legs over my behind.

With this not-so-lovely image I’ll leave you with your lovely blog awards, dear new friends. And don’t forget to visit C-Dog & Company’s blog.



5 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Dress Up Your Sidebar–OK, here is something for you!

  1. Sadly I joined 101 and handwrote some work but neglected to upload it and was chasing my own proverbial tail so abandoned it all as 101 came to a close! Your kind observation on my very limited posts to date has reinspired me to accept the next challenges and commit myself fully at last! I never seem to get readers at all and wonder if im not using wpress correctly – if sporadically – since joining three years ago! Thank you so much for prompting me to start over – and keep up the great work yourself!

    Liked by 1 person

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