Another Update

Sadly we had to let Jack go, the injuries were too severe. I would not have shied back from a handicapped dog, but there would have been consequences that would have led to further disease and suffering, and so we stopped it.

Can’t write more now, this blog has to be quiet for a while. Both dogs I had taught me how to live in the moment. There were not enough moments…

8 thoughts on “Another Update

      1. You’re welcome. I see in the comments here that you were able to adopt a shelter dog. That’s wonderful! A chance for you to make a pup happy and for the pup to do the same for you.


        1. Yes, she is a sweetheart and settles in very well. And she keeps us busy. Think young adult who acts like a teenager who sometimes seems to think she’s a puppy and at other times wants to run the show. 🙂


  1. Oh, I am so so sorry to hear it – when my first cat died it took me 1 year to recover. I don’t know what to say more but in case you need support – you know that you can always find it here


    1. Thank you, that is so kind. I’m sorry that it took me so long to reply. It will take a while to recover, as you said, but we have a new dog now, who helps. There are just too many dogs in shelters not to get one again.

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  2. I know I’m very late on responding to this post, but I am very sorry about Jack. However, I’m so glad to see that you adopted again. I knew a dog lover who always said that we honor the one dog by taking another dog into our hearts. You have so lovingly honored Jack. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. This is exactly my philosophy, too. You don’t love other people, kids, furkids any less when you lose one. And all these sad faces at the shelter… I know I can’t take them all… 🙂


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