Feeling Human again – Meet Maia Mousedigger

I’m a bad blogger friend. People were commenting, following, replying, not a word from me. I’m sorry. I will reply.

For now, I want to introduce our new dog: Maia Mousedigger. There will be more thoughts on Jack, and dogs, and blogging, but not now, I need to get back on track first.

We almost didn’t make it. We were at the point where we didn’t want another dog (anytime soon)–but then we started to look at shelter websites anyway. And then we went visiting and walking. She took to the SO right away, I have no idea what it is with him and dogs, they all simply adore him. The decision was made then. And today we got her from the shelter and now go through a bit of a crazy phase. And here she is, after our first long walk, back in her new home.


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