Writerly Wednesday: Invaluable Helpers

bootsDo you write? Do you like to read and learn about writing and everything surrounding the art? I do, and that’s why I follow several writers’ blogs, mailing lists, websites and the like. There is so much free advice out there that you could spend all your time reading instead of writing.

And so, it is always good to be pointed to especially good and helpful sites, at least that’s what I think.

Two of my favourite blogs among the many I follow are Damian Walter’s blog “Damian Walter” and Ryan Lanz’ blog “A Writer’s Path.”

Among many informative posts every now and then Damian Walter publishes a post like this “You are not a content creator, you do not create content” or “6 signs your novel may be pretty damn good

Posts like this speak directly to my insecurities as a (wannabe-)writer, I find them uplifting and encouraging. Most of all, it gives me the feeling: I am not alone, others suffer similar insecurities, question and struggle in a similar way. If you have time, and are a writer, visit the blog and look around, there is a lot of useful and interesting information.

Another similarly helpful blog is A Writer’s Path by Ryan Lanz. You can find a writer’s toolbox with a lot of information and useful links and tools. There are regular prompts and inspiration points, and often a very interesting and helpful service called ‘Under the microscope‘ where Mr. Lanz will critique the first 350 (plus/minus a few) words of your story or novel/la. This critique and the comments will give you a good idea if your story has a good hook, if people are interested in reading it, and what can be done to improve it. Mind you, I’m not ready to submit anything yet, but I’m dancing around the idea. It could be devastating… or encouraging.

Maybe you like these blogs just as much as I do.

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