Flighty Friday: A bit of this, a dash of that…

When I participated in blogging 101 last fall, one of the assignments was to introduce a new feature to your blog. I was thinking about that back then, but didn’t follow up, until I reread the assignment because it happens to be the assignment of the current blogging 101 event today. And what do you know? I’ve done that now by giving myself a schedule and challenge myself to at least three posts per week.

I still need to vamp up my themes pages and organize the navigation lists there, though. And there is one thing I wanted to add, and will do so today, and that is:

bootsThe Blog Traveller

I’m reading many blogs (and that reminds me that I should add making a good blog roll page to my to-do list) and often find interesting posts I would like to find again, and also share with you, dear readers. I think I’ll collect these posts under the ‘Blog Traveller’ tag, maybe sort them according to my themes, maybe not… but it will be a regular feature, and get its own tag.

When I’m on facebook or g+, I sometimes share posts with myself that I find particularly useful and don’t want to lose. I have mostly MOOC and writerly friends there, and don’t want to spam them with posts about dog training, or space images, or whatever else tickles my fancy. I tried to do this with a blog post here, too, a while ago, but found that this doesn’t work. While I don’t regret it in this particular case (it was about reactive dogs), and understand that reblogging sometimes is a compliment, I don’t want to overdo it and “steal” other people’s content. Some simply don’t like it. I think making lists and linking to these posts will highlight the posts, lead interested readers there, and help me finding these posts again.

To Tweet or Not To Tweet…

Do you tweet? I don’t. Not yet. Maybe I should? I’m not sure. I’ve been restricting my social networking activities to g+ and facebook. It is a way to connect with people and keep in touch, but I can’t really say that I like it. It’s too open, there’s so little privacy. And these things are fast, one post here and now, and gone the next moment. And twitter seems even faster. I think I’m a dinosaur.http://pixabay.com/de/mann-gesicht-kopf-kreise-struktur-335401/

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a technophobe. I actually work in IT support. But I’ve always felt that I don’t always need to use the newest technology, participate in the newest trend, Outside of work, I’m not always online. I have an ipad, but I don’t have a smartphone, how weird is that?

Maybe I’ll get a smartphone, the good ones have good cameras, and I find that very tempting, since they are small and can go everywhere. And maybe I’ll get on twitter, because a lot of interesting people seem to tweet… but that would mean, learning how it’s done, following these tweets, re-tweeting things… I’m not quite certain that I’d really like it. Maybe I’ll be surprised. I’ll have to think some more about that. How about you, dear readers? Do you do social networking? What do you use?

I didn’t grow up with that stuff, my generation invented the internet, and like many others of my generation, I happily used Email, gopher (anyone remembers that?), usenet, mailing lists. Later, when the spectacular www was inventied, I moved to discussion forums and loved them. I’m really sad that they aren’t around much any more. A mixture of discussion board, blog, twitter and g+, or facebook, that would be something I’d like to have. And with all options of privacy, not like the facebook philosophy of sharing every personal detail. Well, I’ll dream on…

What’s the point of this rambling, you ask? Just shouting my wishes into the cloud, maybe someone reads them and programs the ultimate networking tool for me. 😉

The real problem I have is not enough time. I work full time, have people I love, pets I love… there’s hardly time to blog, and write. Getting into too many things, for me, usually means that I feel burnt out at some point and then stop doing what I’m doing all together. Am I the only one with that problem? How do you manage your online and offline time, dear readers?

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