Writerly Wednesday: The Ghosts

WriterlyOriginally, I wanted to post a story about unicorns today. That story would have been the follow-up to yesterday’s 100 word drabble. I’m not done with the story yet, though. It’s clunky and needs a lot of work before I can post it, if ever.

But, just having discovered the Friday Fictioneers, I have something to post on Writerly Wednesday after all. Under the cut you’ll find the new image prompt and my offering.

balcony© Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

With a house like this, who needs a honeymoon?

Romanticizing the past felt natural, back then. We were happy, at first, making a home out of the beautiful old house. But there were no children.

Then the ghosts came. Each room told a story, no matter how cheerfully I decorated it. The tales were bleak, with tears, violence, and death. I spent hours in each room, listening to whispers, watching shadows replay their tragedies over and over. I had to write about these people, their lives, their deaths.

Mark left. I shall stay. These stories must not be forgotten.

24 thoughts on “Writerly Wednesday: The Ghosts

  1. I love the hope at the start of this story, turning to bleakness and then determination at the end. One wonders so much about those ghosts.
    If you are interested in critique, just one line tripped me up: “how bright and cheerful I decorated it” – the adjectives felt like they should be adverbs (brightly / cheerfully) to fit into the syntax of the sentence; as it stands they stood out (for me).

    Welcome to the Fictioneers, I’m glad you found us, and brought this writerly character with you!

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    1. Thank you for your welcome. 🙂 I absolutely need critique, English is not my native tongue, and sometimes I just don’t see these things, even though I know them theoretically. I’ll change it.


    1. I did write a reply, but must have forgotten to click on post… sorry. Thank you for the kind welcome and comment! Not sure about the longer version, though, I barely know more than the basics about the southern US.


  2. Really great story! It reminded me a little of Isabelle Allende’s “The House of Spirits” (Because of the house + spirits… very basic logic. lol) But seriously, great writing and very original!
    Definitely following you! (:

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  3. Wonderfully spooky.
    You manage a huge time shift within the tiny space of 100 words – a novel in 100 words not just a story!
    And English is not your first language – I am in awe!
    (The new Nabakov?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL. Ahem. Thank you very much, you’re too kind. I guess I have my moments, but most often, I’m struggling with clunky writing, wrestle with plot…


    1. Dear Rochelle,
      thank you for your kind words. I am amazed how you do it: to leave a personal comment on all these many entries. I really appreciate it. I’m very much looking forward to more of your prompts.


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