Weekend Woofs: About Names

Hello everybody, this is Maia speaking. woofMum is still fighting an army of viruses and bacteria, cuffing and sneezing and making funny noises. Otherwise she’s  boring, because she sleeps most of the time. She told me that it was time to introduce the Weekend Woofs properly, which is what we’ll be doing. Because we changed the name. So here is what Mum has to say about the Weekend Woofs:

“Initially, this was called Woofy Weekends with the occasional Caturday Saturday thrown in. But then I wanted to write about hamsters. How do you fit hamsters into that scheme? Hamsterday Samsterday? Nah…

“I was about to give up and just stick to the old name when I got an idea. I asked Maia, my dog, if she would host the posts. That way, I could call them Weekend Woofs, but it wouldn’t really matter if the post is about dogs, cats, or hamsters. Maia was a bit hesitant until Mikka, our cat, offered to host the posts instead: under the title Caturday Saturday. She quickly agreed to do it herself, so now we’re all happy. Except for poor Mikka, who hissed for a bit but then decided that he stands above these things. He could always extend a paw from up above and strike downwards. That’s something he loves to do, especially when there’s a dog close by. No wonder he and Maia don’t get along. But, to make a long story short, we now call this Weekend Woofs, and Maia is host.”

So, I hope Mum’s long-winded explanation wasn’t too boring. To make a long woof short: I’ll tell you a bit about my world on weekends, and Mum probably will take the center stage and yap about something that I wouldn’t even sniff at. Hamsters… are they like mice? I might sniff at them, perhaps. Cats? They have claws and are haughty. Mikka thinks he’s better than me just because Mum carries him around, and not me. That rankles, but just you wait, cat…

Woof. Err… sorry, Mum, I didn’t meant anything by that. She reminds me to tell you how I got my name. There was this teevee show when Mum and Dad were younger. There was also a book, which they loved when they were puppies. It’s about a bee called Maja. And because I’m almost as sweet as Maja, they called me Maia. Don’t ask me where the i comes from… In any case, before you start to snarl at me, here is the intro to that old teevee series, howled by chech singer Karel Gott, who was quite popular at the time. I’m not sure to whom the copyright of this clip belongs, probably some teevee channel. Mum thinks it might disappear eventually. The video doesn’t belong to us, that’s for sure, and we’ll remove it if anyone complains.

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