Weekend Woofs: Not-so-ladylike stuff

woofMaia here. Mum wants to talk about stuff a lady doesn’t talk about, so I keep quiet and give over to mum.

“Thank you, Maia. I’m not a lady, and so I’ll talk about what I want. I’ve written in the past about how I’ve been cooking the food for my dogs for years. Maia likes it, too, and she did well with it, but two weeks ago, she had considerable diarrhea.

What to do? Normally you go to the vet when it is severe and you don’t know what to do.

But we’ve had a lot of experience with Spot, who had a lot of digestive issues when he was a pup. We know the signs, it was severe enough to be concerned, but not alarmed, if that makes sense. There was no blood visible, but a bit of mucus. She was out in the cold for some time the days before, so that could have been a reason for it. She was otherwise alert and fit, and hungry.

You’re supposed to not feed the dog for a day or so, but we thought we’d try something else first. Feeding a bit of bread had  worked well for Spot, so I tried to give Maia some soft, white bread, too. She gobbled it down as if it was a special treat, and it did help. But the diarrhea went on and off for a few days and didn’t go away completely. So we cooked rice with chicken, and that helped like a charm.

Why didn’t we cook rice in the first place? When I first started cooking dog food, I tried rice. Spot would sort every single kernel out, eat the meat and veggies, and spread the rice all around the bowl, making a nice mess of it. He did like pasta, so pasta it was, even though he sorted some of that out as well, which is especially nice if you don’t think about it, step on it, and then slide on the wet noodle like a clumsy ice skater.

Jack treated rice like Spot did, so naturally we thought: all dogs do that. Wrong! Maia is a true lady. She gobbles the rice down cleanly, not a kernel out of place. She loved the chicken and rice. She loves her regular food with rice–and the diarrhea is gone. We’ve been taking care that she isn’t too long out in the garden while it is still coldish. Another plus: I’m filling the empty beef bones with a bit of bread, tightly stuffed, and she loves to chew and gnaw and gobble the bread down. Problem solved.

Of course, with severe diarrhea, and if the dog is in pain, and otherwise affected, we would go to the vet asap.

And now, back to Maia.”

Cuff… I’m feeling fine, thanks for asking. There isn’t much else to add. The cat Mikka, that aggressive bein’ with the sharp claws, was complaining that no one was making art with him as a model. Mum complied, and here it is, computery cat-art:

gogh Clone of ofen1

3 thoughts on “Weekend Woofs: Not-so-ladylike stuff

  1. My dog will eat rice if it’s mixed with meat, but always leaves the vegetables. She’ll only eat bread if it’s soaked with something tastier. My son’s dog will eat absolutely anything! It’s interesting how they all have their own likes and dislikes, just like people!

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    1. Yes, they are each different personalities. 🙂
      I’m mashing up meat and veggies after they’e cooked, because Spot did the same when I started cooking. He’d eat the meat, spread out the rice, and much of the vegetables. When it’s mashed it sticks to the carb component. Maia seems to eat everything, she’s the first dog we have who also eats raw veggies and loves apples.

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