Writerly Thursday: The Strongest Form of Magic

I pledgeIt’s time for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers’ photo prompt challenge again.

Sometimes a picture gives you too many ideas, and then they lead nowhere. The image is inspiring, and I started to see scenes in my head about this, and about that, and couldn’t decide. I finally settled on the one I post below, because this was doable in 100 words. The other ideas refused to be tweaked and twisted into shape.

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The Strongest Form of Magic

Classics In The Park’s first concerto was an arrangement for brass from Handel’s Water Music. The musicians, ordinary people clad in casual clothes, held their audience spellbound with their masterful performance. The mood was festive, and cheerful.

The unnoticed watchers among the trees were captivated by a different scene. Set off by the twilight, the brightly lit pavillion welcomed the best of their kin, dressed in leaf and feather. Their performance of the ancient Suite of Renewal and Growth created magic. While their instruments resembled their mundane counterparts, their music did not.

The primeval sounds summoned Spring. Queen Mab smiled.

(100 words)

I don’t know anything about music. I know what I like, but all the rest, genre talk, performance subtleties, styles, fads, fashions: that all escapes me. I couldn’t quite figure out what kind of orchestra was gathered in that pavilion, but with the tuba, and no strings visible, I thought they might be a brass ensemble. So I used German Brass as inspiration.

The title is part of the quote “Music is the strongest form of magic” by Marilyn Manson.

23 thoughts on “Writerly Thursday: The Strongest Form of Magic

  1. Dear Gahlearner,

    What a peaceful and evocative calling forth of Spring. Your story was magical and your writing sublime. Saying no more here because I’ve said it all. Well done.



    Liked by 1 person

    1. Any reason to read Tolkien again is a good reason IMO. 🙂 — Maybe we should summon all Tuba players to call spring. Thank you. 🙂


        1. Hehe. Where I work, they have a special kind of chasing winter away. There are many carneval customs throughout Europe… there they put on witches masks and costumes… each club has their own design… and they shout, and drum, and pipe, and sing the winter out (and hopefully spring in).


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