Writerly Wednesday: Home, Sweet Home

I pledgeAnother week is gone, and a new photo prompt for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers is up. This time, an idea came quickly, and I wrote it down right away. That gives me more time to read and review the other entries, I’ve been a bad reviewer last week. I never manage to read and review all entries, but my goal is to review at least about half  every week.

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© Lauren Moscato

 Home, Sweet Home

“I can see that you don’t like it.”

“Of course not, this is ridiculous. Why did you do this?”

“I wanted to give you a home, I want you to feel comfortable.”

“Comfortable? This hovel was my childhood home. It got demolished. Good riddance.”

“I saw it in your dreams.”

“Sometimes I dream about it, so what? STAY OUT OF MY HEAD!”

“I can make another home for you. Just show me what you like.”

“WHAT I LIKE? I want to leave. Let me get back to my spacecraft.”

“There is no spacecraft. Just you and me. I love you.”

51 thoughts on “Writerly Wednesday: Home, Sweet Home

    1. Dear Doug, I had to google it, translated books and films here have different titles from the original (sadly). Could be something like this, yes, in space, and maybe a bit less scary. Thank you for your kind words.


  1. I gotta say I was thrown a bit by the spacecraft… but the rest of it is excellent. How terrifying is the idea of a lover who can read your mind… Most people don’t want their better halves reading their emails!


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    1. Thank you! I would be terrified by mind-reading, too. I appreciate you comment on the spacecraft. In my mind this was a SciFi story, but how to convey that? Should I have kept it vague and exchanged the spacecraft with ‘home’? Thanks again, I like and need this kind of feedback.

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  2. I read this as if the two characters are the same person…and that it’s an internal conflict to get back to childhood and the same time flee it … in a spacecraft. Well done!

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        1. Don’t be sorry, there is no right or wrong. While I had a certain image in mind while I wrote, it, in hindsight it doesn’t really matter who is who. Thanks for the fun comments. 🙂

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    1. LOL and thanks. You are making me laugh so much tonight, I can barely review the other stories I put on my schedule 🙂


  3. The word claustrophobia comes to mind when I read this. He seems controlling, and it is incredibly off-putting if someone could invade minds without force.
    The dialogue is great, and the space ship at the end was a surprise!

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  4. You just couldn’t escape with someone able to be in your head knowing all your thoughts. I’d have to get out also. You do the dialogue well. I am just a little bit uncertain about the space craft. Is she an alien or does she just want to be away from him – like going to your own cloud?

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    1. Thank you, I’m glad the dialogue works. The spacecraft may just be one of those things that need to be cut, and the writer (cough) doesn’t want to let go. I had a SciFi Alien-Human interaction in mind when I wrote it, and thought the spacecraft would provide this information, but on reflection, it isn’t really needed for this short piece.

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