Weekend Woofs: Maia and HP

woofHello, here is Maia. Maybe you wonder what the HP in the title means? Mum tried, again, to tiptoe around stuff she thought I might not like to talk about because I’m a lady. I’ll tell you what: a lady can talk about everything. It’s all human canine, mammal, after all. And so I won’t let her water things down, I’m telling the story myself.

HP means Horse Poo, and it is the next best thing to cat food–and CP, if you know what I mean, althought they usually don’t let me get at that if they can avoid it. Too bad…

I like me my little snack when we walk, and there are many snacks lying around on the ground, because there are many horsies where we live. I like to take some snacks along and so I hide them in my mouth. Mum calls me her giant hamster. I don’t know why she makes screeching noises and a happy face whenever I bring some, because I would share with her, if she’d let me. Instead, she makes funny noises, more of the happy face, and takes my snack away. The part of it she gets, that is, hahah-woof. I give her some when she tells me, but that’s my secrit: I keep a bit in my hamster cheeks, and when she doesn’t look, I eat it. You don’t believe it? Here’s proof:

This is me with a snack in my mouth. Want some?
Here’s the snack I brought. Mum didn’t want to eat it…
Yesterday I brought more snacks. There were these funny sounds again… and mum ran and got the camera thing. She didn’t want to eat what I gave her though.
Mum calls this my hamster face… I’ve no idea why. Wanna snack?

So, do you doggies out there like a good HP snack, too?

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