Weekend Woofs: Going for a walk

There isn’t anything new going on here in Maia-Land. We’re plodding along, and thought we’re taking you on one of our walks.

We’re living in a village close to a city. We have fields and small woods right around the corner. Most areas are used to grow asparagus here. It’s grown in hills covered in plastic. Strawberries are another major crop, grown in plastic tunnels. In spring we walk through an ocean of plastic.

plasticWe also have dunes here, funny, isn’t it? The sandy soil is one of the reasons we have so much asparagus here. Most of the dunes and sandy pine forests had to go for agriculture, but there are still a few around, surrounded by farm land, cut back and getting smaller and smaller. One of these dunes is close by and a protected area. To prevent the typical vegetation from getting overgrown by bushes and trees, and to keep the grass short, donkeys, and sometimes sheep, graze there.

donkeysWhen Maia first saw these donkeys, she reacted madly, hopped, barked, lunged, it was quite the experience. Fortunately these donkeys are around most of the time, so we could use them as practice , and approach them slowly, doing sits, and watch-mes, getting closer gradually. It was a full success. Because now:

maiadonkeysThey are interesting, but nothing more. I wish we’d have that kind of success with other dogs, too, but we’re getting there.

plane2Since we live in a heavily populated, industrialized area, we also have a major airport close by. Planes sometimes fly very low over our area, depending on weather, wind, and traffic. Ever since the horrible plane crash in the Ukraine, where that passenger plane was shot down, we’ve been saying: Fly safely to every plane we saw.

After that horrible crash in the alps, when the co-pilot deliberately crashed the plane in march, we always say, “Stay safe and be good.” We hope it helps.

After all this walking, sniffing and looking, we’re thirsty and tired. Maia, as every other dog I’ve known, loves to drink from puddles: the muddier the better. But, unlike our previous Podenco mix Jack, she loves water, and lies down in the puddle, and would roll over if I’d let her. I think she must have some kind of retriever in the mix. I’m guessing at yellow lab or prehaps a golden. It’s fun to have a dog who likes water. Even though a shower is in order afterwards.

maiamuddyAnd this pretty much is it. The only new thing to report is: Maia has thrown up, for the first time since we had her. There wasn’t any glibber, or bile, she just puked out the food she had eaten previously. Since this was a one-time occurrence, we weren’t too concerned. Dogs puke, it happens. She was lady enough not to eject on the carpet, but in the bathroom and kitchen. We just cleaned the mess up without fuss. I have the slight suspicion that she might have lactose intolerance. She had diarrhea that day, too. Nothing different in food and lifestyle, except some cheese instead of meaty treats. We’ve kept her off any dairy products since then, and she’s been fine. We’ll watch this, it might explain the occasional slight diarrhea.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Woofs: Going for a walk

    1. Thank you. She’s fine, I’m not overly concerned about these little upsets, but I like to know the cause and act in time if necessary. I’m glad you enjoyed our “walk.”


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