New Project – Whales as Individuals

I’ve been posting about the Zooniverse in the past. There’s a new project now. I think this would be a great opportunity for people who love the whales to contribute to a better understanding of them. Especially for people who don’t know much about how science works, Zooniverse can give interesting insights into how meticulous, and sometimes tedious, the processing, and interpretation of data can be. The ‘Heureka’ effect is almost always based on hard work.

Daily Zooniverse


Yet another new Zooniverse project is available on our new look platform. Whales as Individuals is asking you to help us identify individual humpback whales by cluing our computer algorithms in to patterns on their tails. One they are identified, researchers can learn their personalities, as well as better understand behavior, conservation issues and population trends.

Get involved right now at

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