Great book deal, check it out!

99c Pearseus July Deal Continuing the summer deals, here is another one: until the month’s end, both Pearseus: Rise of the Prince and Pearseus: Mad Water will be available on Amazon for just 99c (normal price: $3.99). Pearseus giveaway Amy Vansant is organizing a giveaway and Pearseus is one of the prizes! Win up to […]

via Pearseus Giveaway! — Nicholas C. Rossis

4 thoughts on “Great book deal, check it out!

    1. Indy authors often have actions like these to get readers’ interest. They don’t have the full advertisement power of publishing houses and have to do their own pr.
      I’m following Nicholas’ blog and have found very interesting and helpful posts for writers there. And if I think some of my friends who hven’t seen it might be interested, I reblog. That kind of networking is also important for indy authors. I don’t even know if Nicholas is also into traditional publishing, many authors do both, but this isn’t an unusual action, especially for a series. You can read the first book for a low price. When you like it, perhaps you buy more. When you don’t, not much money lost.
      Does that answer the question?

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      1. Thanks for the reblog and the great answer.

        Amazon sales are pretty much like bookstores having a sale or a “meet the author” kind of event. As I live in Greece, I do those mostly for my traditionally published (Greek) books, but the principle’s the same 🙂

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