Not writing…

I’m a bit stressed out from work at the moment, can’t focus on writing much. And I feel bad when I just post a story and can’t even reciprocate the comments I get. So I’ll post a bit more knitting and crocheting. That, and a few other things, is what I do when I don’t write or read.


Here’s what I knitted a few years ago, fingerless mittens that come especially handy when walking the dog. My hands are getting painfully cold fast, even if it’s not very cold outside, and these things keep them nice and warm and I still have the fingers free to give treats, grab the leash and such.

I had some old yarn lying around, not enough to make a sweater, but enough for this. I also crocheted a cloche hat, which I also love to wear on dog walks, because it keeps me warm and also protects my glasses from the rain.


I really hope I’ll find the energy to get back to writing, but right now I need another break.

14 thoughts on “Not writing…

    1. Thanks Joy. 🙂 I aways want to make things. I want to know how things are made. I’m not great at anything but I can do a lot of things at a workable level.

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    1. But you can draw and paint. I’m not really a great knitter, not tidy enough. When I was young, friends who did a lot of that stuff always complained that my stitches were too lose, too uneven, too everything. I gave up doing projects with other people, I only knit or craft for myself. But it’s fun. I like to make things. Thank you Rochelle. 🙂


  1. I’m crochetting myself a big blanket at the moment – nothing fancy, just in squares which I’ll sew together another time. They’re a bit lopsided and wonky, but I love doing it 🙂 All the best Gabi

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        1. I don’t know, what was the problem? When I’m not careful, the parts I try to block don’t turn out the right size. I usually put them left on left and block them together. (sweater parts for instance or two squares). I don’t think blocking would help if the size is too different. There is always the option of making a Hundertwasser blanket. 😉 (Which would actually be a great thing…)

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          1. Had to look that up, I’m so ignorant! Interesting. I think my crochet is just uneven so maybe some squares are just too big or small to fit with the others. But hey, I enjoy doing it and it makes for truly unique blankets with a ‘homemade’ feel 🙂


  2. Not writing…I know about that condition!
    Years ago when I had bits and pieces of time to write, between children and school, I produced a lot – but quantity rather than with much purpose or intention (and was probably put off too easily by rejection). Now I have time again and I’m doing everything else apart from writing (and knitting which I can’t do!). Have been waving a paint brush around my son’s bedroom and sewing clothes for my mother-in-law and there are some fantastic curtain fabrics on the internet…It’s still creating I suppose and perhaps for now I want to make things that are tangible.
    The hat and gloves look lovely. Lopsided and wonky is also personal and original!
    Have you ever tried weaving? More artistic than useful – although could become blankets.

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  3. Thank you! I know that effect of having time and still not finding the inner quiet or excitement to write. I’m fine with editing my NaNo, but as soon as I think about writing something new, there’s a block.
    I’ve only tried cardboard weaving. Currently I have a semi-project with a tetrapack ‘loom’ and old socks that aren’t worth darning any more–one day this will be a rug for dog and/or cat. Maybe I’ll post about that next, I need to take some pictures first. I love that, it creates squares quickly and is fun. The squares don’t even look bad when finished.


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