MOOC on Coursera: Creative Writing

moocIn the beginning of my blogging life, I tried to find out what to write about and mainly focussed on Massive Open Online Courses, MOOCs. I took several courses on several platforms and loved them all. It really is a great opportunity to either advance your career, or, if you’re old like me, learn about topics that always interested you but were somewhat out of reach. Not any more: MOOCs make it possible to study almost every topic online, very often for free.

As my writerly friends may have noticed over time, I’m not the most confident writer and always want to improve and learn. At some time I read so many books about writing that I didn’t have time for writing… err… I’m still short on time, which seems just the right time to look into MOOCs again. So I was browsing  Coursera and found the specialization for Creative Writing. This consists of several courses about writing. It also offers the opportunity to interact with other learners or contact the instructors. While the specialization itself isn’t cheap, it’s possible to audit the course (click on ‘Enroll’ and then on ‘audit’ at the bottom of the window). You can see the lectures, participate in the assignments, and more. Needless to say that I’ve been jumping on it. Maybe some of you are interested, too. Check it out: Specialization: Creative Writing

Edit: Joy Pixley kindly looked up the price for the subscription: it’s 41$ per month (or 49? or maybe different for different courses…)?As I understand it, you pay as long as you take the courses thus the faster you are the cheaper it gets. However, the audits are free (not all specializations offer free audits, that’s why I’m so pleased about this one). I’m planning to audit these courses and will write a bit more about it. I can see the assignments, I’m not sure though if I can participate in them, or in the discussion forums. This isn’t something that bothers me too much, but it might be interesting to know, so I’ll keep you posted.


9 thoughts on “MOOC on Coursera: Creative Writing

  1. Interesting! It took me a lot of work to figure out how much it cost though (it kept offering me to try it free and pay later). $49 a month is a bit steep for me, especially as I wouldn’t be able to do much per month so I don’t know if I’d get my money’s worth. I can see it being great as an indepth study, if you could take a bunch of those classes all in one month. If you do take one of these classes, let us know how it goes!


    1. I intend to take them all. Not paying for them though, since I don’t need a certificate. I think it’s great that you can audit. For now I’ve enrolled in the plot course.

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      1. Where do you see the audit option? I found a page saying that you can audit some courses, but I can’t find anywhere on this course specialization page where it says that these particular courses can be audited. The “help” page says if you click enroll it might give you the audit option, but when I click enroll, the only option it gives me is to sign up for the free trial – and be charged $49 per month after the 7 days end.

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        1. I’m glad you found it. Yes, it’s free, but there might be some stuff missing. Maybe the forum, or the assignments, I don’t know yet, a lot has changed on coursera.

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    1. Thank you, I’m glad you found the post useful. Ah, yes, ModPo. I’ve seen people mention it a lot, they all liked it. Maybe some day I’ll get my head around poetry… 😀

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