Bright Dots in a Black Sky

I’ve been on vacation, which basically meant hanging out with the family, cuddling the pets, making jam, and looking at the stars (which I do whenever I can). The last Friday of my vacation had a special treat: a total lunar eclipse. Mars right now is very close and nicely visible as well, as are some other planets. At the moments we also have the perseid meteor shower, but with these I’m never lucky. I usually sleep when they are at their best. So here, to demonstrate my crazy efforts to photograph the moon and stars with my new phone, I’ll present a gallery of bright dots in a black sky. Don’t laugh…

10 thoughts on “Bright Dots in a Black Sky

  1. Those are fantastic photos. I haven’t yet tried to take shots of the night sky (though the sun figures often enough) Now I shall give it a try … come autumn when it gets dark earlier.
    But to the star of the first photo, say meow from me.

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    1. I’ll tell him when I see him tomorrow. Thank you! With a telephoto lens and a tripod you’ll certainly be able to make fantastic pictures when you know what you do. I don’t, I mostly just point and shoot. 🙂

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        1. Neither do I, not for a digital camera anyway. Once upon a time, when film and chemicals were used for photographs, I had that stuff… Just try it like I did. It’s fun.

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          1. I’m waiting for sunset to close in the nights.
            I was out on Monday (early) evening with intent on getting some shots of sunset over the water. I did indeed get some decent shots, but the sun had yet an hour in the sky before she kissed the land. Meanwhile. the mists were rising from the surrounding marshes, for the sun to turn them a pretty blush apricot colour. And the clouds moving in to cover the sun created some fantastic effects. I want to use one for my Saturday #2018picoftheweek challenge, but I’ve got over 80 of them and I need just one. Which one do I use? I shall let my daughter decide. I just keep looking at them and heaving a satisfied sigh. Which can’t be bad.

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            1. Ah, sunsets and the colours… I could stare forever at them. But whenever I try to take a picture I find that it doesn’t do it credit. Wish I could paint…

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  2. What wonderful photos of the lights in your life, and the moon and Mars too! 😉 (Thanks for introducing me to Mikka and Maia — hi cuties!) Those are great sky shots. It makes me realize how little I know about astronomy, that I wouldn’t know what that second light was — Mars or Venus or ISS. You’re clearly a more experienced sky-gazer than I am, which is great, that I can benefit from your photos and appreciate the view — thank you!

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    1. Thank you for this lovely comment. I was introduced to star gazing in my early twenties, and I percieve constellations like people, or plants. Individual pictures that have names. 🙂 I’m not doing it often or systematically, so I only know the most common ones, but I was in New Zealand for a while many years ago, and looking at the night sky of the southern hemisphere was unforgettable. The southern cross really jumps out. I also like looking at stars or nebula I read about in science fiction novels. With a good binocular you can see a lot of things actually. I saw the andromeda nebula, and another star cluster in sagittarius, and… it simply is a lot of fun when you’re into the space stuff. 🙂

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