Crimson’s Creative Challenge #10

I learned about this challenge only a week ago. What a great idea. You get a picture and reply to it, either with another picture, or a flash fiction, a poem, comic, you name it, but it must be yours, not someone else’s. So, in response to the original here: Crimson’s Creative Challenge #10, I post my own picture. This is from last September when storm ‘Fabienne’ hit our area and broke and uprooted many trees. It was quite scary (nothing compared to people who have to suffer hurricanes though). No one in my area was injured but many trees fell, and that made me very sad.


16 thoughts on “Crimson’s Creative Challenge #10

    1. Yes, that happens here on occasion, too. But we’re not used (yet) to such violent storms like this was. It cut off the tops of many trees, uprooted some, broke many others. Winter storms here are more common and less damaging. These trees still had the foliage which made it worse.

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