Project 10K (P10K) June 2020



You’ll find the rules and some of the earlier badges on the Project 10K Page.

We live in difficult times and I hope whoever reads this and their loved ones are OK.

I’ll go on hiatus with this blog for a while and will only post scheduled posts for the P10K. I still have a lot of work but I could at least think about writing again a bit. But I’m tired and lazy. However, if you have time and can pursue your writing projects, you need motivation. That’s what this challenge is for. 🙂

How was your June? Did you find the time to write, to meet your goals? Tell us all about it.

Here are our standard questions:

Do you need a little incentive for writing more regularly? Then this project is for you.

1. Did you meet your writing/editing goals?
2. Did you have fun writing?
3. Did the P10K help with motivation?
4. Anything else you want to tell us, questions you want to ask?

Here are my answers for June:

1 – 3 No change.

4. Stay healthy!

How about you?  How did your writing go? Please leave a comment, or a link to your blog if you write about it there. I’d really like to hear about your month.

And, as always, good luck, and many good ideas for June.

If you see this for the first time and this challenge interests you: Everyone is welcome, hop right in.

One thought on “Project 10K (P10K) June 2020

  1. I hear you about the tired and lazy part. I am GO-GO-GO-GO-GO at work every day and then when I finally have a little time to relax and regroup, I just collapse and drink wine and pet my cat. My latest “project” is finally watching all of Star Trek Voyager in consecutive order (I think I missed more than 2/3rds of them, and they’re better than I remember).

    Plus I got bad news: my favorite weekly writing prompt, What Pegman Saw, ended. So there goes my push to get at least 150 words written every week, I’m so bummed! Once these latest deadlines are over, I’ll look around for another prompt…

    1. Nope, technically did not meet my writing goal. Although I *did* manage a huge project and we just submitted the draft of our final report, 145 pages (over 45K words) not including all the spreadsheets of collected energy efficiency program comparison findings. Plus I got some new ideas about a novel concept and I’ve been writing up some notes on it. I’m pretty excited about it so far, although how did I end up with a YA magic school plot? Ugh!

    2. Actually, yes.

    3. Nope, not this month. Maybe next month!

    4. Hoping things will calm down at work at least a *little* and I’ll get back in the groove in July, or August at the latest. In the meantime, staying inside and safe and healthy, and hope you’re doing the same!


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