Project 10K (P10K) September 2020



You’ll find the rules and some of the earlier badges on the Project 10K Page.

We live in difficult times and I hope whoever reads this and their loved ones are OK.

I’ll go on hiatus with this blog for a while and will only post scheduled posts for the P10K. I’m drowning in work again, so there still isn’t anything new from me. If you have time and can pursue your writing projects, you need motivation. That’s what this challenge is for. 🙂

How was your Seütember? Did you find the time to write, to meet your goals? Tell us all about it.

Here are our standard questions:

Do you need a little incentive for writing more regularly? Then this project is for you.

1. Did you meet your writing/editing goals?
2. Did you have fun writing?
3. Did the P10K help with motivation?
4. Anything else you want to tell us, questions you want to ask?

Here are my answers for September:

1 – 3 No change.

4. Stay healthy!

How about you?  How did your writing go? Please leave a comment, or a link to your blog if you write about it there. I’d really like to hear about your month.

And, as always, good luck, and many good ideas for October.

If you see this for the first time and this challenge interests you: Everyone is welcome, hop right in.

9 thoughts on “Project 10K (P10K) September 2020

  1. Thanks for continuing to post these, even if you go on hiatus for the rest of the blog. I like hearing from you and checking in. ❤

    My status: did I say I was busy BEFORE? Sigh… We had two huge proposals due on Oct 5, and they were… well, let me try to describe without swearing, which rules out my first several thoughts. I'll go with: A MESS. For five weeks I was working as close to 24/7 as I ever would. I didn't just not write. I also didn't cook, email, or sleep much. It's like hitting my head against a wall: it felt so good when it stopped! Except now we have to deal with all the other work projects that didn't get done in the meantime…

    I kept myself partially in the writing zone by listening to writing podcasts whenever I wasn't working. I highly recommend "Writing Excuses"! Each one is pretty short, which makes them easy to squeeze in while making coffee or eating lunch.

    I was hoping to take some well-deserved comp time and actually do NaNo this November, but another big grant proposal is due Nov 21, so probably not. I'll see how October goes.

    Good luck with everything! Hang in there, and take care!

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    1. I hear you (read you :)). I’m so overwhelmed with work that I’m numb when I’m away from work, only fit for completely mindless stuff. And infection rates are rising again, wich means: more work to come… and then all the insanity that’s going on everywhere… I oscillate between not ever wanting to write again and closing the blog because I don’t have any stories to tell any more and between reading my old drafts and thinking, this isn’t so bad, if I changed that, and tweaked here… oh well. I’m glad that your writing enthusiasm remains even if you don’t have time for it right now. I’m not sure if I will continue this challenge next year, we’ll see.

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      1. I’m not giving up on writing, but wow, this has been an especially hard year for it. I have a meeting with my team next week to do an assessment of this recent huge project, to try to diagnose what we could have done better to keep the work load under control and the stress level at more reasonable levels. I’m sure hoping we’ll come up with some concrete ideas, because the next round has already started. Ugh… Hang in there and don’t give up quite yet. The whole world is struggling with this (and worse) right now, and we’re all feeling lousy. But I have hope that it will turn around. And won’t we feel so much better once we stop hitting our heads against the wall! ❤

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        1. I really hope you’re right. I’ve learned a lot about people–and myself–in these past years, that’s for sure.
          I’ll finally get a coworker, there’ll be a new job opening soon and that will reduce my work load. S/he’s supposed to follow in my job when I retire.
          At the hight of the pandemic my workplace was temp-employing students who couldn’t go to schools or uni because they were closed, people with some knowledge of administration, accounting, lab work… you name it. There were and still are many who can’t work in their jobs right now. And this helped a lot durinng the worst times. Maybe something like that would be an option for your team as well?

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          1. I’m glad you’ll be getting another person to help you! Unfortunately for me, what’s keeping us busy is all the work trying to get more grant funding. We don’t have enough funds to keep employing everyone we already have for that much longer, much less hire anyone new. It is literally an existential crisis. Sigh..

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              1. We have the opposite. COVID has mean that much of the university system has shut down and is operating remotely. So the university has to keep paying most of its labor and most of its building maintenance, but has drastically cut revenue in terms of dorm fees, cafeteria and restaurant sales, and parking passes. We were already in trouble even before COVID, because the state keeps reducing the taxpayer portion of our funding and we have to keep increasing tuition and desperately seek more research funding — but the major sources of scientific funding continue to cut by the federal government. So it was tough all around even before this. And the federal government has been no help at all during COVID: the current adminstration would laugh to see higher education and science fail, especially in California.

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                1. That sucks. Funding is a problem in research here as well, but apparently not as drastic. And other areas are struggling here as well. Corona-related research and tech, however, is getting funded (after dismissing microbiological reasearch in general for years). Hopefully things will get better for you again soon. It’s a relief to know that science and reason will have a place in your government again.

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