Project 10K (P10K) November 2020

You’ll find the rules and some of the earlier badges on the Project 10K Page.

Is anyone atill reading this? How are you all doing? I hope you and yours are healthy. After all these dark and sad months things are finally starting to look up, and about time, too.

I’m still very busy at work but I actually wrote a bit this month. Maybe… just maybe, I’ll eventually get back to writing flash fiction and rejoin the Friday Fictioneers. We’ll see.

How was your November? Did you find the time to write, to meet your goals? Tell us all about it.

Here are our standard questions:

Do you need a little incentive for writing more regularly? Then this project is for you.

1. Did you meet your writing/editing goals?
2. Did you have fun writing?
3. Did the P10K help with motivation?
4. Anything else you want to tell us, questions you want to ask?

Here are my answers for November:

  1. I wrote a few scenes for my never-ending SF story projects and thought about it a lot. I kind of got my head into that world again. I think I finally solved my point-of-view dilemma that’s been on my mind for some time and I found the logic for a few plot points that had been bothering me. My head isn’t free enough yet to make plans for the project and set time apart to aim for the P badge, but when ideas come and I have time, I’ll write and plot.
  2. Yes, writing scenes and plotting was fun. I’ve also finally sorted part of the research for the project, I’ve collected so many papers and notes, and have trouble remembering which fact came from which paper.
  3. Not really, I didn’t really have any plans. Ideas just came back gradually.
  4. Stay healthy!

How about you?  How did your writing go? Please leave a comment, or a link to your blog if you write about it there. I’d really like to hear about your month.

And, as always, good luck, and many good ideas for December.

If you see this for the first time and this challenge interests you: Everyone is welcome, hop right in.

2 thoughts on “Project 10K (P10K) November 2020

  1. Sounds like you made some progress, that’s great! Every little bit counts! I have not even had a little bit of progress, so you’re doing better than me. 😉 No writing at all last month. The work deadlines continued to be horrible right up to Thanksgiving, when I finally got a weekend off — a whole four-day weekend, and I didn’t work for a single hour of it, whew! I did, however, cook and cook and cook (and clean, and eat, and clean, and eat). It was just me here, socially distancing, but I enjoyed the rituals of the traditional foods, and my own ritual of taking the leftover turkey, stuffing, gravy, vegetables, etc. and turning them into new delicious dishes (turkey pot pie, turkey tetrazzini, Brussels sprouts pasta with Dijon tarragon butter sauce, etc.). I gained four pounds in four days and made a total *disaster* of my tiny kitchen, but it was totally worth it. 🙂 YUM.

    So no, no, no on all the writing. But I am truly hoping to get some writing done in December. My critique group is putting their collective feet down that they want to see something from me instead of it always being the other way around. And I’ll be home alone for the holidays — so of course I have absolutely ridiculous expectations of getting two months’ worth of writing and other personal tasks done in ten days off, LOL! Good luck with everything on your to-do list, and with finding a relaxing and satisfying way to spend the holidays in these strange and interesting times.

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  2. Thank you Joy, I’m sorry this comes so late.
    Your food sounds yummy and I hope you got some writing done. I’m putting up the new banners and you can tell me in detail. 🙂
    Home alone for the holidays… can be interesting. I did it once, abroad. I hope you had a good time and let’s all hope the new year will be better than the old one.


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