Copycat – Crimson’s Creative Challenge

This is my response for Crimson’s Creative Challenge #127.

This picture reminded me of one that was posted some time ago on the Friday Fictioneers challenge. Back then I wrote a 100-word flash fiction piece called ‘Singularity‘. So I wrote a sequel to that story. I hope, it isn’t too confusing.

The image belongs to Crispina Kemp


“Bobby, not again!”

“What has he done now?”

“Dressed up for Halloween and sat down on the front lawn. Trying to scare us. Again.”

“Maybe that so-called self-aware robot isn’t so smart after all, hm?”

“He’s an AI, an android, technically not a robot. And you underestimate him, he’s extremely smart. Just not worldly-wise. More like a child…”

“If you say so.”

“I say so. Bobby, that scare only works once. A second time it isn’t even funny…”

“To whom are you talking, Amanda, if I may ask?”

“Bobby? Gosh, you scared me, you shouldn’t sneak up on people from behind.”

“I’m sorry, Amanda.”

“So you dressed up a puppet this time, hm?”

“Don’t patronize him, Sam. Uh… that puppet is laughing. Who is it?”

“Sam, Amanda, meet my new friend, the lab’s newest AI model, Andri.”

(138 words)

8 thoughts on “Copycat – Crimson’s Creative Challenge

    1. Thank you Crispina. I’ve been wondering why I’m having fun writing again all of a sudden. Several tiny positive developments in the world that took away my urge to ‘doomscroll’ are certainly a factor. But I think most important was a thread by Chuck Wendig on Twitter about Gentle Writing Advice: – I don’t know if you can read it, but that did me a lot of good. I found that I was so caught up in all that advice: do that, never that, avoid that, don’t listen to these or those and avoid adverbs like the plague… and I’m an insecure writer anyway. So his words really hit home. Funny how the mind works sometimes. I also had some ideas about my never-ending WIP that untied some knots (and tied some others) so at least I’m having a better idea now where I want to go with it and how.

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      1. That’s really good. I cannot abide all those who say you must stick to the rules. They are NOT rules. They’re more… guidelines. And they’re not meant to hamper us but to free us. Besides, as with Picasso, once you’ve learned the rules, you’re free to break them. I certainly do… where relevant

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