Invasive Species – Crimson’s Creative Challenge

This is my response to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #137

The CCC challenge is open for everyone and asks for creative responses like flash-fic stories, poems, pictures, captions, and, and, and… check it out!

I played with colours this time, because it would be too confusing otherwise, I think.

The photograph belongs to Crispina Kemp

Invasive Species

“This wavelength range is called green.”


“Yup. These beings emit it.”

“Aren’t they called plants?”

“Yes. They are amazing.”

“Like the whole planet.”

“Just imagine. The right conditions and chemicals let molecules form compartments, inside more chemical reactions happen and woomph, you have something  absorbing light, using that energy for even more complex reactions and voila: cyanobacteria, the ancestors of plants.”

“A bit oversimplified, your explanation.” 

“Sure, but look at the diversity resulting from it.”

“Took them long enough to evolve into something semi-intelligent, didn’t it?”

“Millions of years.”

“We were faster.”

“We? They don’t even know we’re here.”

“They think we’re just slime.”

“Maybe we should reveal ourselves.”

“Nah, not yet.”

“Maybe we should infiltrate their machines. Make them conscious.”

“Hahahahahaha, good joke.”



“Right. But maybe… maybe we should enclose a few of these Earthian cyanobacteria ourselves and see what happens.”

“Hahahahahahahaha. “


“Ooohohohoo. Hmmmm…!”

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