Heart of Stones – Crimson’s Creative Challenge

This is my response to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #152

The CCC challenge is open for everyone and asks for creative responses like flash-fic stories, poems, pictures, captions, and, and, and… check it out!

The photograph belongs to Crispina Kemp

Heart of Stones

“Lily, what are you doing?”

“Making a heart of stones, Mum.”

“That’s lovely, darling. Is it for Grandma? I thought you wanted to pick flowers for her birthday.”

“I did. But then I met that faerie.”

“You met a fearie, did you?”

“Yes. She was sitting under one of the flowers on the ground and crying.”

“A sad faerie. Why did she cry?”

“There was a dead toad. When I asked why it died, she said it found no place to live. That the river was dry and the wet land. What is wet land, mum?”

“Oh, wetland. That’s land that gets flooded regularly. Many special plants and animals live there that need the water and the humid environment. We talked about habitats, remember?”

“Yes. The faerie said it is our fault that the wet lands dry out. She said we have hearts of stone. Why are you crying, Mum?”

(150 words)

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