Blue Skies – Crimson’s Creative Challenge

This is my response to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #154

The CCC challenge is open for everyone and asks for creative responses like flash-fic stories, poems, pictures, captions, and, and, and… check it out!

The photograph belongs to Crispina Kemp

Blue Skies

“They always reach for the sky. They watch birds and wish they could fly. Flying, being close to the sky, means freedom to them.

“Their bodies are earthbound, but they hope for the freedom of their souls after death; that’s why so many of them imagine their deities in a heaven above. They build their places of worship with high towers, reaching for their gods. Others worship nature, trees. What do trees do?”

“Reach for the sky. Nice speech. You forgot that they also shoot deadly weapons into the sky. And nasty chemicals.”

“They won’t harm us.”

“I’m not so sure. Their destructive energy is remarkable.”

“But they’re so primitive.”

“Whether you’re killed by a cudgel or a destuctor doesn’t matter. Dead is dead.”

“And I thought they’d worship us. We come from the sky after all.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Shame. Let’s plant a warning beacon and withdraw.”


(150 words)

10 thoughts on “Blue Skies – Crimson’s Creative Challenge

  1. Gabi,
    Withdrawing is the best possible solution for these aliens: we humans are rather poisonous in our dealing with each other, much less those we consider “alien.” Loved the easy pace and fluency of the dialogue.

    Liked by 1 person

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