Mrrhum – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #164

This is my response to Crimson’s Creative Challenge

The CCC challenge is open for everyone and asks for creative responses like flash-fic stories, poems, pictures, captions, and, and, and… check it out!

The photograph belongs to Crispina Kemp


“Who is that, Dad?”

“Don’t you recognize him?”


“What are they teaching you in school these days?”

“Not again, Dad…”

“It’s Hero Tai.”

“Uh, he looks so… small?”

“Of course he does. He was human. And do you know why we still honour him?”

“Something about rescuing the crew from the crashed spacecraft?”

“Exactly. He didn’t care that our ancestors looked different. He saw them fight for their lives and helped. And, at the same time, saved his species.”

“Would the Ancestors really have annihilated the humans?”

“Humans appeared cruel and destructive, not worthy of such a good planet until Hero Tai showed them that humans can have compassion. And after Captain Mrr*wiwa married him, annihilation was out of the question.”

“And that’s how we became  the Mrrhum?”


“I like that story Dad. I’ll always remember Hero Tai now.”

“See that you do, Son, see that you do.”

(150 words)

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