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Mickey Forever

So this is the writer’s office, very personal. Decorators would hate all these knick knacks, I like them. And then I see it:

A Mickey Mouse figurine! I want to steal it, it brings back so many memories. Mickey taught little me to read. The adults seldom had time for ‘that nonsense’, now I could read the stories myself. It changed my life. Mickey and friends took me on adventures, to exciting places, and helped me through bad times. I see their flaws now, but I still love these tales.

They also gave me my alter ego: Donald Duck.

(99 words)

True-ish story.

By Disney - Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=66173508

44 thoughts on “Mickey Forever! – Friday Fictioneers Flash Fiction

  1. There are so many little, but significant, truths in this story. I really like it. (And having just re-read it, I noticed you have classified it as ‘True-ish story’. The truth of the story just sings out – excellent writing, Gabi!

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  2. We had Lassie, too, can’t remember the wonderful world of Disney, we probably didn’t have it (when I was a kid). But lots of little booklets with story, very popular, even now, and very much with grown-ups. LOL.


  3. Great take on the prompt. It’s so reassuring when simple things of the past prove to be inspirational. I hope the children of today learn to enjoy something similar, when they’re not examining their gender orientation.

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  4. I was so pleased that you reminded me of Donald Duck, I do miss watching all the cartoon characters now my grand children are all grown up

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  5. Ah, those characters – a big part of so many childhoods. They were so innocent, and so human too in many ways – vulnerable, eccentric, and loveable. No wonder we identified with them. Thanks for the reminder, Gabi. Terrific story.


  6. Those things from our childhood never completely go away no matter how the world changes around us. I still have all my Dr. Seuss books. Those might be where I learned to read.

    I’m not sure Disney believes in “fair use.”

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    1. Thank you! Dr. Seuss wasn’t a thing where I grew up I only learned about these stories much later and have never read them. Maybe I should…
      Disney and fair use… are they extra harsh? I don’t need to leave this image up for long, and it’s on wikipedia, so I wasn’t too worried.

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      1. 😲! I can’t vouch for discovering him as an adult, but Dr. Seuss was a huge part of my childhood. If I remember correctly, my grandmother got me a subscription when I was a wee lad. I got a new book every month or something.

        In this economy, they have to scrounge for every cent. Do you know how much Star Wars and Marvel cost? They can’t have people using that stuff for free. That’s obviously an exaggeration, but I’ve heard stories of them shutting down people’s Etsy pages.

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        1. Oh, Etsy pages, yes. I guess that’s fair enough when people try to make money with it. But that’s not fair use, that really is copyright infringement. I’ll take it off in a week or so anyway. No power to search bots.

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    1. I mostly read stories, we didn’t have a TV when I was little and we get the movies dubbed anyway, so I couldn’t really tell. I just always loved Donald but also enjoyed the Mickey stories.

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