There, On The Hill – Friday Fictioneers Flash Fiction

The Friday Fictioneers is a friendly writing challenge hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The task of the challenge is to write a story in 100 words or less. You can find all the Fictioneers’ stories when you click on the little frog. Reciprocation is the life of this challenge!

© used with kind permission
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Image © Sandra Crook – Used with permission for this Friday Fictioneers Challenge only. Any other use of this image requires Sandra’s permission. Thank you for the image!

There, On The Hill

There, on the hill, shines the palace in all its glory.

What? I park the car and rub my eyes.

Blinking, I see broken ruins alternate with the palace. What the…?

This is where I belong. Somehow I know it. I walk up the hill and sit down on crumbly stairs. They led to the throne room. This was my home. Memories flood me, drown me.

I’m the sorcerer-king’s daughter. We were attacked, all magic destroyed. I died here. Now I’m reborn in a lackluster, cruel world?

That’s unacceptable. I must get my magic back, I must change the past.

(100 words)

Gee, I’m early this week. I had thought of skipping because I’m so busy but then that picture jumped at me…

56 thoughts on “There, On The Hill – Friday Fictioneers Flash Fiction

    1. Sir Ali, the valiant knight. Or Dr. Ali, the most powerful Arithmancer and king’s consultant, or Draliman the Mighty, Astronomer and Astrologer who holds the fate of the kingdom in his hands, or… what a fun question, I could go on and on. 😀 Thank you!

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  1. This definitely left me wanting more story, so nicely done…on another note, maybe all she needs is to discover mindful meditation and learn how to live in the present? 😉 ha

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