Project 10K

2018 Badges

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Write or Edit 10K words per month and grab a badge. It’s that easy.

Project 10K (P10K) is a project meant to help writers establish a regular writing habit. The idea for the project came from my participation in Camp NaNoWriMo in April 2016, and from a somewhat similar writing challenge I participated in many years ago.

What I liked the most about our Camp PlotBunnies was the encouragement a group of writers can give each other, and the push a set writing goal gave me. With a little push, establishing a writing habit becomes easier. As all of you know, finding that writing time is difficult and only too easily abandoned for something else, especially when you have a daytime job, or young children. 

Project 10K is trying to juggle our busy lives with our writing. The challenge should be tough  enough to challenge writers, but easy enough to not be too stressful.I’ve found in previous challenges that around 2500 words per week  is something I can handle. But I’m lazy and know that I won’t be able to keep up a weekly posting about the challenge. That’s why this is a monthly challenge. With a bit of planning, I should be able to keep up monthly posts.

If you want to play along, please do so. No one will control anyone, we decide for ourselves if we reach the goal or not. At the beginning of each new month the badges for the previous month will be posted. Grab your badge and put it on your blog, or look at it while you write. In the comments for each month’s post we can talk about the word count, how easy or how difficult it was to reach it, or whatever else comes to mind.

You will find our writing adventures by either clicking on the P10K tag or by following this link.

2017 Badges

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2016 Badges

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Badges from 2016 were made in Photoshop from my own images (with the exception of the ‘Fail’ image, this is from Microsoft), badges from 2017 and 2018 were made in Canva with CC0-licensed images from Pixabay and Canva, 2019 badges were made with Photoshop with images from Pixabay.

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