Weekend Woofs: Not-so-ladylike stuff

woofMaia here. Mum wants to talk about stuff a lady doesn’t talk about, so I keep quiet and give over to mum.

“Thank you, Maia. I’m not a lady, and so I’ll talk about what I want. I’ve written in the past about how I’ve been cooking the food for my dogs for years. Maia likes it, too, and she did well with it, but two weeks ago, she had considerable diarrhea.

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Woofy Weekend: Dinnertime

When Spot, my Border Collie, was five years old, he started to have seizures. It was very scary. He would run around and suddenly, without warning, fall to the ground, tremble, roll his eyes back and salivate heavily. After an eternity of a minute or two it would stop and he would become conscious again but be very confused. We consulted our vet of that time. He made tests. And more tests. And didn’t find anything. Spot kept having seizures. Not often or heavily enough for medication (yet), but scary each time it happened. It wasn’t epilepsy. We weren’t all that happy with the vet we consulted then. And so I did some research and somewhere, on some American dog forum (Germany at that time was not web-savvy for that kind of thing yet) read about similar symptoms caused by preservatives in the food.

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