Share Your World Weeks 20 and 21

041514-sywbannerI missed posting my weekly Share Your World post last week, thus there’ll be two this week. I’m going through with this… 😀

Thank you, Cee, for the interesting questions. Check her site out, there is a lot to see, and participate in.

Onwards to the questions:

Share Your World Week 20

What is the most important thing that you ever learned? (I bet it’s not something you learned in school)

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Ode To My Beta Reader

2014-08-22 18-59-11_Dokument1 - Microsoft WordHappy Birthday Andrea, good friend and also inimitable beta reader!

As promised earlier this week: in celebration of Andrea’s birthday, here is my Ode to my beta reader. I apologize to all the poets out there… (please don’t hit me). 🙂

If you want to spare yourself the pain, scroll further down for my “Share Your World” answers.

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Share Your World Week 17 and Apple Blossoms

041514-sywbannerAnother week, another Share Your World challenge. Cee Neuner hosts this challenge every week, and comes up with all these interesting questions. Why don’t you go and take a look at her photography blog, there is a lot to see, and there are many other challenges, mostly about photography.

On to the challenge, here are my answers:

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Happy 25th anniversary, Hubble! And: Share Your World Week 16

Happy anniversary, Hubble telescope! After a wobbly beginning, it has given us a multitude of wonderful and wondrous images from our universe. Visit Hubble’s website, lose yourself in the images and the wonders and mysteries of our universe, and join the celebration. The NYT has a nice, informative article about Hubble’s history, too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Of Rhinos and Layouts and Share Your World

Blog Image Flighty Friday - CanvaDo you want to know what makes me cry?

This: The Northern White Rhino is extinct in the wild.

It’s been all over the news. There is one male left in a nature reserve in Kenya, under heavy guard. They have been killed by poachers who kill for the horn which is sold in Asia as a remedy for everything. There are five of them left, two females in the reserve, two in zoos, and Sudan, the only male left. There will be no babies, not in our lifetime, in all likelyhood. Cells, eggs and sperm will be stored until it is possible to bring the babies to term in either another host, or ex-utero. Greed, ignorance, superstition, and more greed have robbed the word of yet another species.

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Flighty Friday: Is it summer already?

Blog Image Flighty Friday - CanvaWe’re having a series of wonderful, sunny days, and it is warm. Last week we had frost, and hailstorms. This weekend we have temperatures of 20° Celsius. I’ve dug out an ancient smart phone with a similarly ancient camera–and forgot how to use it, so some of the images are tiny. It has the advantage that I can take it with me on doggie walks, and won’t be sorry when it falls in a puddle, or gets lost. Maia and I had a wonderful walk, and I took a few pictures. If you wonder about the asparagus: hereabouts it’s mostly eaten in its white, bleached form. The plant is covered by long mounds, the shoots are carefully dug out and cut. To get earlier harvest than May, farmers cover the mounds with plastic, one side is black, to absorb the sunlight and warm the shoots; the other side is white for reflecting the sunlight and slowing down growth. You see workers run around on the fields turning the plastic, depending on the weather and the market. Odd, isn’t it? Asparagus is the best in its proper season, but they get more money when they can sell early. Same for strawberries which they grow here in big foil tunnels. Later, when the prices are low, you can find fields full of strawberries left to rot. That’s when I usually forget my morals and go sample a few… and a few more.

I also wanted to try out the gallery feature. Again, I apologize for the less than perfect quality. Finally…

Flighty Friday: Share Your World Week 13

Blog Image Flighty Friday - CanvaFriday again… and spring is finally here. We were having a few nice and sunny days, hopefully that will last a while longer.

And without further ado, here’s week 13 of Share Your World.

What was your favorite subject in school?

Biology and Arts

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away” (George Carlin). When have you had such a moment?

Hm. I’m not exactly sure what is meant by that. I often stand in awe in nature, on a mountain, looking outside from a plane, watching some unusual natural phenomenon, seeing a lovely flower, watching some shy, wild animals… these are breathtaking moments, but I’m not sure that this is meant by this. I’m too rational for much 041514-sywbannerdrame, except for my imagination.

What’s your choice: jigsaw, crossword, or numeric puzzles?

I like them all, but I enjoy jigsaw most.

If you found an obviously abandoned car with $50,000 in the back seat, what would you do?

Call the police.

That was short… Happy Easter Spring festival, or whatever you chose to celebrate this time of the year, everyone!DigBild_

Flighty Friday: Share Your World Week12

Blog Image Flighty Friday - CanvaThere is a grey mist of sadness and confusion covering my country, and I am as affected by it as most other people I know. The horrible plane crash from last Tuesday, the questions, the general feeling of being powerless is numbing.

So I’m not going to chatter, just do the Share Your World challenge.

I may change my blog layout yet again one of these days. I really like the design, font, and almost everything else of the one I have, but it doesn’t have a side bar. I really miss that, it makes organizing easier. I’m not ready to go with the paid version yet where I’d have the CSS options.

Onwards to Share Your World Week 12:

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Flighty Friday: Awardy, Eclipse, and Share Your World

Blog Image Flighty Friday - CanvaSome days I don’t know what to post, on others everything happens at once. The lovely ladyleemanila must have read my recent whining about lack of motivation, because she nominated me for the Creative Blogger’s Award. How’s that for motivation? Yippee! Thank you so much, Ladylee!

Rules, information, and nominees are under the cut.

We had a partial solar eclipse today. First day of spring and solar eclipse, how’s that for special. A few words about that later.

Finally, Share your World Week 11, more of that under the cut, too.

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Flighty Friday: Share Your World and The Magic Eye

800px-Terry_Pratchett_HatRIP Terry Pratchet, and thank you for the many, many hours of reading and laughter.

Sigh… We are in week 10 of the new year already, isn’t that scary?

Anyway, time again for Share Your World Week 10 — and after that, I’ll chatter a bit about stereograms, also known as Magic Eye images.

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