Rhubarb Cake

ramblingsDo you like rhubarb? How do you use it? Do you like rhubarb cake? That’s a must here in Chateau Learner, a yearly tradition. Rhubarb is rich in oxalic acid, too much of that will interfere with your calcium uptake. Once in a while though, it doesn’t harm otherwise healthy people. Where we live, which is somewhat in the middle of Germany, rhubarb is the first thing that can be harvested in the garden. Technically it is a vegetable, not a fruit, but it is treated and cooked like a fruit. We look forward to the season every year. We have two healthy rhubarb patches and we harvest them from beginning of May until the end of May. The longer the season gets, the more oxalic acid gets produced, so, after about a month or so, we let the plant grow, flower and otherwise go about its planty ways.

Baking rhubarb cake is always a bit of a challenge. Do you make rhubarb pie, or cake, or anything similar? I feel always challenged, because our plants, though rather mild in taste, are very juicy and, while baking, produce too much juice for a nice cake. I’ve been trying out this and that until I could adjust a few standard recipes in a way we like it, and it’s not too soggy. Here is our favourite recipe (in metric):

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