9 Ways to Find What You’re Looking For on Google — Nicholas C. Rossis

Some great Google search tips from Nicholas Rossis.

I’ve been using Google since the early 90s, when it was first conceived, and have been using it daily since. And yet, even I didn’t know some the shortcuts found below, brought to us by brightside.me. 1. Either this or that Sometimes we’re not sure of, whether we’re looking for, say, a picture of Jennifer Anniston […]

via 9 Ways to Find What You’re Looking For on Google — Nicholas C. Rossis

Flighty Friday: A bit of this, a dash of that…

When I participated in blogging 101 last fall, one of the assignments was to introduce a new feature to your blog. I was thinking about that back then, but didn’t follow up, until I reread the assignment because it happens to be the assignment of the current blogging 101 event today. And what do you know? I’ve done that now by giving myself a schedule and challenge myself to at least three posts per week.

I still need to vamp up my themes pages and organize the navigation lists there, though. And there is one thing I wanted to add, and will do so today, and that is:

bootsThe Blog Traveller

I’m reading many blogs (and that reminds me that I should add making a good blog roll page to my to-do list) and often find interesting posts I would like to find again, and also share with you, dear readers. I think I’ll collect these posts under the ‘Blog Traveller’ tag, maybe sort them according to my themes, maybe not… but it will be a regular feature, and get its own tag.

When I’m on facebook or g+, I sometimes share posts with myself that I find particularly useful and don’t want to lose. I have mostly MOOC and writerly friends there, and don’t want to spam them with posts about dog training, or space images, or whatever else tickles my fancy. I tried to do this with a blog post here, too, a while ago, but found that this doesn’t work. While I don’t regret it in this particular case (it was about reactive dogs), and understand that reblogging sometimes is a compliment, I don’t want to overdo it and “steal” other people’s content. Some simply don’t like it. I think making lists and linking to these posts will highlight the posts, lead interested readers there, and help me finding these posts again.

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Share Your World – 2014 Week 40 and Blogging 101 on Events and Pages

This post today contains two blogging101 challenges because I’m lazy and only did yesterday’s assignment today.

Yesterday’s assignment: add a new page to your blog, and make sure readers can find it easily.

I added a To-Do list because I don’t have time for anything fancy right now. You can find it under the About page.

Today’s assignment: pick a blogging event from the Community Event Listings to try for some instant community.

041514-sywbannerAll these activities… am I really a dedicated enough blogger? I went to this site, and got lost, as I always do when I’m visiting the Daily Post sites. There is so much there, it is incredible. And most of it is too complicated for me at the moment. I did find an event, however, that looks interesting and is easy to participate in. It is: Share Your World — an interesting idea where Cee, the site owner, asks five questions each week. Comparing the answers from around the world will be fun, interesting and educational. Participating is easy, you just tag and add your link to her comments page. I should be able to do that. I think I could make this a routine, too. And I’m getting more and more away from blogging about MOOCs. Oh my… Continue reading “Share Your World – 2014 Week 40 and Blogging 101 on Events and Pages”

Blogging 101: Plug In to Social Networks

Today’s assignment: if you’re active on a social network, set up Publicize or highlight your profile in a widget or menu item. If you’re not, explore your social options to see whether one might be helpful.

Phew. I did that. With facebook and g+. I don’t want to get into twitter, I really don’t. I think facebook and g+ are just enough exposure from me.

And to prove it: linking to a lovely picture from my country our local astronaut Alexander Gerst posted on g+ and fb on our public holiday on Friday. It was a beautiful, sunny day. All these pictures are on his photostream on flickr, to which this image is linked.

German holiday

Blogging 101: Dress Up Your Sidebar–OK, here is something for you!

I’m late again. Friday’s assignment: add and/or customize two widgets, one text-based and one image-based. — they give us the weekend off with the option to play with the widgets some more. I’ll use the weekend to follow up on overdue posts. I hope Sunday I’ll get around to posting about my cat. If not, in October. Blogging 101 will have ended by then, sadly, it’s great fun, very enlightening and very inspiring.

I’ve played with widgets already. But! I finally added my treasured ‘Lovely Blog Award’ to the sidebar which the wonderful C-Dog & Company gave to me last month. If you haven’t visited that blog yet, please do so, and read inspiring, amusing, touching, happy, sad, and always thoughtful lovelyawardand thought-provoking stories about pets and people.

I didn’t pass on the award immediately, since I’m still new to the blogosphere and felt shy (don’t all these people with all these fabulous blogs have the award already, what if they don’t want it, what if…)–but Blogging 101 helped me get more bold when contacting all you friendly strangers out there. When I started this blog, I didn’t really think anyone would be interested in my jumbled ramblings, that I’d mostly talk to myself and maybe, some day, find a reader or two. I’m surprised and delighted to see how friendly and welcoming the part of the sphere is that I’ve encountered so far. Blogging 101 has opened up so many venues. It makes me see that many others struggle for words, about what to say, but feel the need to say something–just as I do. And so I don’t feel so shy any longer, because, if you’re at least a bit like me, you love comments from, and interaction with, other bloggers. And so I give out the award I got from C-Dog & Company and hope that it brings you as much joy as it did, me. If you got it already, just pass it on to a newbie blogger you like. Continue reading “Blogging 101: Dress Up Your Sidebar–OK, here is something for you!”

Blogging 101: Be Inspired by the Community

Today’s assignment: write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday. Don’t forget to link to the other blog!

I’ve been bad again and did not link to the blogs where I commented yesterday. But since I find today’s assignment so inspiring, I decided to follow up on that regularly, not just today. Today, I’ll do the assignment, but as soon as Blogging 101 is finished, I’ll be a Blog Traveller and visit your blogs, pick a theme, link back to you from here and post my own thoughts about my journey to your blog and your post. Maybe I’ll make it a Travelling Tuesday. If my artistic skills weren’t so rusty, I could even design a little icon to leave for you. Maybe I can come up with something. But long story short, here is my turn on the assignment:

I commented on Tantoverde’s blog (Tantoverde: Simple, Delicious, Vegetarian) yesterday, who wrote how travelling will make the world a better place. A few days earlier, unrelated to Blogging 101, I commented on Cheefhobo’s blog ‘Of Itchy Feet and Beyond’ where he talks about ‘You know how the French are rude, right?

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Blogging 101: Be a Good Neighbour

Today’s assignment: leave comments on at least four blogs that you’ve never commented on before.

Normally I’m rather shy. I’m not shy in following you, but sometimes I just can’t get my courage up to post. But if I do, I sometimes don’t shut up again (as some of you may have noticed). In any case, I used the assignment to comment on a few blogs I already liked but never talked to. So please don’t be too surprised. 🙂

And, if anyone looks at this blog because of the assignment, let me give you a pretty post as welcome.

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Blogging 101: Love Your Theme

cropped-fancy33.jpgToday’s assignment: try out at least three other themes — even if you’re happy with the one you first chose. Try one you’re drawn to, and one you would never use. (From Blogging 101)

Again, I have to skip, because I did that when I started this blog. I love trying out themes and playing around with the options the different layouts offer. I played with the themes again when I did the branding exercise for Creativity, Innovation and Change. And so, today, I shall chat about why I chose the theme I use, and what will take up much of my time over the next few weeks. Because something happened which may be insignificant to you, but is very uplifting and encouraging to me.

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And Yet More on Social Networking

Yesterday’s post about Bloglovin sang its praise, and I still say that it is a pleasant and easy to use tool. I won’t use it, though. Most of the blogs I’m following, especially the news sites, aren’t updated in time on Bloglovin. I’m getting posts from September 9 and 10, and nothing new. Some other feeds have newer posts, but not from today. Friends from WordPress I’ve added there aren’t updated either, all I get to see are older posts. The only ones that seem to be up to date seem to be those that are registered on Bloglovin. I am deliberately vague because I won’t spend any more time on finding out exactly what is going on there. It certainly is a good place to make your blog known to the Bloglovin community and find other blogs that are there. As an independent newsreader: not so great.

Still waiting for WordPress Reader to be more manageable. I’ve tested the feed for my favourite news site on WordPress Reader, and–voilá–the newest post is four minutes old. If only there were categories or something to get some structure into the flood of posts…

I also discovered that Feedly has the option to open sites directly on the original blog site, but this has to be set for each blog individually. Still, it is a good option if you want to support your favourite artist or writer or…

Finally, something I forgot to mention yesterday: if you use AdBlock or some other ad blocking tool, turn it off for the sites you want to support. When you block their ads, they won’t get the money for your visit. In Adblock this is done quickly and easily by clicking on the icon and telling it to deactivate for this particular site. This is for firefox, I’m not sure if there is something similar for Internet Explorer or Chrome.

—Edit: I just learned that AdBlock is available for most browsers. And they address the issue of creating an income with sites, and explain how to use AdBlock and still give the site-creators the income. It’s the annoying, in-your-face ads that people don’t want to see, not ads per se. This is true for me and most people I know. Ads give us free content after all, but when a site owner thinks my browser must open five windows with porn ads because I forcefully get linked there from another site, then I’m not really willing to give that site owner the revenue.—

Firefox is still the safest browser, Internet Explorer is still full of security issues and Chrome is fast but wants to grab you, everything from you, all your data, all your activities–it’s acting out what Google has become. Too sad, Google was such a great project in the beginning. But I digress.

More on Blogging101 later.

Blogging 101: Say “Hi!” to the Neighbors and Notes on Feed Readers

Today’s assignment is: follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs.

This refers to the WordPress reader, where you can read other people’s blogs, search for interesting sites and look for interesting tags.I have done that already, I know my way around the topics and I’m already following several new blogs and met several interesting new people. So I’ll skip this assignment, too.

Instead, I am posting the long overdue follow-up on feed readers. A while ago, I wrote about Bloglovin and Feedly,  mostly because I wanted to activate my Bloglovin account to try it out, I had read about it elsewhere. Then Bloglovin and Tumblr had a disagreement. Tumblr is a blogging site where many artists post their art, many of them relying on page hits and ads for their income. Furthermore, free providers like Tumblr apparently get part of their profit through the amount of traffic to their sites (and probably their ads) — but I don’t really understand this part of the provider/content generator game fully. In any case, Tumblr didn’t like that Bloglovin got all the traffic, and Tumblr got none, so they blocked Blocklovin. I wanted to find out more before I wrote this post, hence the delay. Since yesterday, they are friends again. Apparently, the sites both get traffic now.

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