Writerly Wednesday: Home, Sweet Home

I pledgeAnother week is gone, and a new photo prompt for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers is up. This time, an idea came quickly, and I wrote it down right away. That gives me more time to read and review the other entries, I’ve been a bad reviewer last week. I never manage to read and review all entries, but my goal is to review at least about half  every week.

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Writerly Thursday: The Strongest Form of Magic

I pledgeIt’s time for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers’ photo prompt challenge again.

Sometimes a picture gives you too many ideas, and then they lead nowhere. The image is inspiring, and I started to see scenes in my head about this, and about that, and couldn’t decide. I finally settled on the one I post below, because this was doable in 100 words. The other ideas refused to be tweaked and twisted into shape.

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Writerly Wednesday: Life

I pledge

There’s a new prompt on Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Addicted to Purple blog that wakes up the writing muses of the Friday Fictioneers. At least it does so with my muse. I’ve been very tired and unmotivated this week, questioning why I blog, why I write, and everything in-between. I need some sunshine, fresh fruit and greens, and some irresistible prompts like the one from this week. The lovely image belongs to Rachel Bjerke.

As usual, I just wrote down what came to my mind. This 100 word drabble hasn’t been proofread by anyone other than me. If you find something odd, please don’t hesitate to point it out.

Please follow the link below to read the amazing stories written by the other Friday Fictioneers. Come back often, posting goes on until Tuesday. Please leave a like, or a review.

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Reblogged: A Public Service Announcement: Common Grammar Goofs

Adi, the Happy Lifeaholic reblogged this on her blog, but I felt compelled to reblog it, too, because I find it so useful. If you try to learn a foreign language, things like that help a lot. I feel comfortable with most of these examples. What makes trouble for me is the I, Me, Myself thing which I still don’t fully understand. Dangling participles, oh my, and most of all, punctuation, comma splits and spaghettis sentences. This comes from German, since we usually use long, convoluted sentences, with many commata and few semicolons. Enjoy the post, maybe you find it just as helpful as I did.

Nicholas C. Rossis

Copyblogger and BlueGlass have created this awesome infographic with some common grammar mistakes, and how to avoid them. Enjoy!

From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books

My children’s book, Runaway Smile, is mercifully free of grammar goofs. Don’t believe me? Read it for free and find out for yourself!

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Writerly Wednesday +1: The Pet

I pledge to give and graciously receive concrit

It’s Thursday, and thus time for the Friday Fictioneers, posted under Writerly Wednesday (+1). Are you confused yet?

To the left you find a blade and a pledge. My layout doesn’t have a side-bar, and while I’ll stick this under the Writerly Wednesday page later, I’ll regularly post this in small form with my entries.

Concrit is a good thing. As a non-native English speaker, and writer, I rely on concrit. I need it, and don’t feel comfortable if I post something that hasn’t been seen by a second pair of eyes. Which is what I’m doing here constantly, please forgive the, at times, odd language.

I can’t offer much concrit in terms of grammar, because I’m not familiar with the fine details every language has, details and gems that are often used by good writers. So, if there is an archaic, poetic use of a phrase or word, and I say, hey, your grammar and spelling is all wrong: do you really want my concrit in the future?

Normal spelling, some easy grammar, and most of all ‘does it work?’ you can have from me any time you want.

So, finally, here comes my offering for the Friday Fictioneers. Last time I counted, it had exactly 100 words. Thank you, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, for the prompt.

Here is a link to all the other entries for this week’s prompt:

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Writerly Wednesday: If you can read this, take action!

Writerly(2)Two weeks ago, I started writing a story about unicorns, partly inspired by my take on the maze prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers, and partly inspired by a prompt about unicorns on A Writer’s Path from two weeks ago, where one of the prompt sentences was: Haven’t they ever seen a unicorn before?

Warning: this is not romantic, or cute. Given what you see in movies and on TV these days, it’s probably harmless, but still… the term unicorns may be misleading. The story is neither sweet, nor cute. If you don’t like violence and blood, please don’t read. I’ve been practicing writing something out of my comfort zone, and I’m not 100% happy with it, but I’ll post it anyway. Criticism/suggestions are always very welcome, if you’re so inclined. The Friday Fictioneer drabble will probably come tomorrow, I’m still waiting for inspiration. Enough said, the bloody unicorns are under the cut.

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Writerly Wednesday: The Ghosts

WriterlyOriginally, I wanted to post a story about unicorns today. That story would have been the follow-up to yesterday’s 100 word drabble. I’m not done with the story yet, though. It’s clunky and needs a lot of work before I can post it, if ever.

But, just having discovered the Friday Fictioneers, I have something to post on Writerly Wednesday after all. Under the cut you’ll find the new image prompt and my offering.

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Writerly Wednesday: Good Vibrations

“Begin a scene with this line: Why is the world upside down?

I saw this prompt on “A Writer’s Path”, it was about pirates. I didn’t plan to write anything for it, but as it sometimes happens, one of the phrases stuck, ran away and did its own thing.  There are no pirates, I’m sorry, and even the prompt is slightly skewed. You could say that I’ve been listening to Pink Floyd’s Endless River once too often. You may be right. However, drugs were not involved, except for some red wine. Take this little piece of silliness as a tribute to Rick Wright, and all the other musical heroes of my time who have passed away far too early.

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Writerly Wednesday: A question and “A Dream”


I desperately need an online writing group who is honest but also supportive of the not-so-professional writer. How do you go about finding a group that is right for you? And what is it that I need?

That part is  easy: I would like to meet people (online) who read and seriously critique each other’s writing. People who are interested in fantasy and science fiction. People who don’t mind looking for plot, but also grammar. People who don’t mind a non-native speaker in the group who sometimes uses funny phrases that need corrections. People who don’t want to push for publishing at all costs, but who write, who want to write, who want to give and receive encouragement, but also honest criticism. In other words: perfect people. 😉 I am willing to read and critique in return. While I can’t proof-read English grammar, I can look at plots and characters, and give my opinion if something works, or doesn’t. I have a good theoretical knowledge about how writing should be done, although I forget about most of it while I write… cough. Anyway, if you have an idea or suggestion how I can find such a group, I’d be very grateful.

Just to be brave, I’m putting a (un-beta-read) short story under the cut. I wrote this for a flash fiction challenge on Chuck Wendig’s site terribleminds.
The three phrases my random number generator gave me are these: A murder, The end of the world, Resurrection.

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