I pledgeOn this blog, I post flash fiction, and short stories.

I’m also looking for an online writing group that gives constructive criticism, and puts up with a non-native writer who needs the odd phrasing tweaked on occasion. In return, I can give plot criticism, and general brain-storming.

I’m used to having my writing taken apart and put together again, writing fan fiction and publishing it on moderated archives hardens you towards criticism and makes you appreciate it.

If you’re interested, just browse my tags. I used to categorize my posts into Writerly Wednesday, Writerly Weekday and so on, but I can’t keep up a regular schedule, often I’m too busy. I try to participate regularly with the  Friday Fictioneers.

I write fantasy and science fiction. On occasion I stray.

Calling myself a writer is still something that I can’t say easily, or lightly. But I write, and I like it. I seldom walk anywhere without having some plot problem or idea struggling in my head, which sometimes makes interacting with the outside world a bit awkward. I used to write fan fiction, but eventually got tired of playing in other people’s playgrounds and of always steering at the edge of “fair use”. And besides, there were these people appearing in my mind who wanted to have their stories told…


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